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Hadrian's Roman Wall


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Hadrian's Roman Army cartoon comic - This partially animated Cartoon Comic Strip tells a  story about Hadrian's Wall, on the Roman Empire's most northerly frontier. Emperor Hadrian started building his Wall in 122  A.D. to prevent the Northern Tribes from invading and pillaging Roman Britain. Some seventy-three miles long the Wall stretched from Bowness in the west to Wallsend-on-Tyne (Segedunum) fort) in the east. A few miles short of the coast, the Roman Fort of Arbeia on the south side of the River Tyne provided some cover. However on the north side of the river the  gap was guarded by a small fort, thought to have been located on the site now occupied by Seaton Delaval Hall, in Seaton Sluice, near Whitley Bay. Of course this is hotly disputed by established Historians, but the author has found evidence to support his claim from an old postcard dug up in his back garden.                                                                                           




Hadrian's Roman Army Wall Map

Hadrian's Roman Army Wall Map


Hadrian's Roman Army Fort was manned by legionnaires from the Victory V Legion ( not to be confused with a well known lozenge), supported by Auxiliaries drawn from local tribesmen called Bits whose village  was situated near the Harbour at Seaton Sluice.   





Hadrian's Roman Army Fort



  Hadrian's Roman Wall and Watchtower was also located on the headland entrance to the Harbour to look out for any      sneak attacks from the sea.       

Roman Army harbour watchtower cartoon

Roman Army Harbour Watchtower

  Our story begins during a period of uncertainty and unrest when the Roman Empire was under siege all over Europe. The main body of the Victory V Legion has been despatched to help leaving a small number of elite troops to defend the Wall against the Northern tribes know as    Pix. However there has been a suggestion that these Legionnaires weren't all that elite but that  the Roman Command was obliged to put a brave face on matters in the light of an underlying threat of invasion from the North.                                                         

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Information about Housesteads Roman Fort;       Legio XIV Gemina (14th Legion) historical re-enactment



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