bazart is a collection of spoof satirical cartoons lampooning the establishment and  featuring bumbling politicians and their Civil servants. Plus , the ridiculous and the  downright silly. The collection includes gif, flash animations  and Videos featured on the YouTube bazartme1 channel.




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Top Gear presenter, Jeremy Clarkson is sacked by the BBC after foul mouth rant and assault on Producer

Fred and Ted are the creators of the  website which provides
free and impartial advice to disabled and older people on the government's free
bus pass scheme.


Both Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond of the SNP have hinted  at  their  price  for supporting a minority  Labour Government


Zero Hours Contracts,  used by some companies such as Sports Direct, fail to provide regular employment as employers are under no obligation to offer work. If elected, Labour promise to ban them. The Conservatives are less clear.

animated cartoon of dalek chasing a robot  

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