Cartoon Inventions


Absurdly complex machines, gadgets and mechanical fantasies inspired by the comic Art of W. Heath Robinson. These cartoons were drawn in Flash and then converted into animated gifs




cartoon invention Burger machine

   Cartoon inventions - Burger Machine - This animated version of a Burger resuscitation machine is used to revive tired Burgers by a combination of compression and moisturising using invigorated recycled water from an early Victorian Toilet Cistern. This particular model, intended for the US market, is fitted with an automatic Ketchup dispenser. In this example, logo's flags etc are for illustrative purposes only.  



Trump whiskey golf machine

  Trump Whiskey Golf machine. An animated gif cartoon of a concept for a hand driven Whisky bottling plant made for a wealthy American who has an interest in a Scottish Golf Course and appears to have a problem retaining staff.  



cartoon exercise bike

  An early cartoon version of the Acne Fitness Bike in the popular gif format. The trio of Beswick flying ducks were produced from  the 1940's onwards and were popular wall ornaments right  through to the 1960s. They are now considered to be very collectible. Just check out ebay

 The Macmingie  Burger Machine was based on this earlier British
model designed to breathe more life into used Tea Bags. Here we see the device
being tested by its inventor.


Sir Jeremy, inventor of the Macmingie Burger Machine and
Tea Bag reviver, out for a drive in his vintage Austin 7


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