More Men from the Ministry Cartoons 

Cartoons featured over the years on the freebustravel website poking fun at  the establishment through the eyes of  Civil Servants from an earlier era.



Territorial soldiers cartoon
The Government had hoped to make up the shortfall in army recruits by expanding the the Army Reserve



UK Credit rating cut cartoon
Ratings agencies downgrade the UK's credit rating after  the Brexit vote.


Premier foods cartoon

There was outrage when it was revealed Premier Foods demanded an upfront payment from their suppliers before they would do business with them


After a Painting by
Norman Rockwell.



Rising Energy costs cartoon

The adoption of 'Greener ' energy policies have contributed towards ever increasing energy costs for consumers and some say the risk of power shortages.


Government leaks cartoon

On several occasions Ministers and other officials have been caught out by the long lens Cameras of the Press. Some have suggested that it was a good way to test public reaction to a possibly unpopular policy before being introduced.


George Osbornes 2012 Buget proposal to introduce  the government's so called 'granny tax' would have affected people on modest incomes at the same time as giving millionaires tax breaks.


The continuing closure of coal fired power stations, without there being other suitable alternatives has led to prediction of power shortages in the future


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