Hadrian's Wall , an unlikely tale Episode 3


In this episode of the Roman Cartoon Comic strip about Hadrian's Wall we find Ace spy Sneakious Snitch reporting back to Big Mac, leader of the Pix (Picts), with stories of a new and terrible weapon being used against the Scots by the Roman Army. But of course like all duff spies Sneakious doesn't always get his facts right.


Sneakious the spy reports back 3.1

The chief wants to know what a wilf is 3.2

Sneakious reports that the Romans have deployed a massively large weapon called a'Wilf' - In common with other spies Sneakious finds it is advantageous to exaggerate the seriousness of a situation in order to inflate his fee and prove his indispensability.  A trait still to be found today around modern offices. Does that person hanging around the photocopier with a kettle in their hand really want to make a brew when there is a perfectly good Coffee Machine at the end of the corridor?


News of the Wilf spreads panic 3.3 Big Mac decides to recall Mcoustie 3.4

Mild panic starts spreading throughout the camp. Big Mac orders one of his men to find a person called Mcoustic,It seems the Chief had previously exiled Mcoustic to the outer Isles, with apparently good reason.


The Chief's men seem rectant to find Mcoustie 3.5

There is some reluctance amongst the tribe about calling Mcoustie back from exile, but the Chief confides in Sneakious that this is his secret Weapon and he will wreak a terrible revenge on the members of the garrison.

Meanwhile, back at the Fort, Centurion Globus Stentorium has a more pressing matter.

The Wind changes direction 3.7

The Centurion contemplates moving Wilf 3.8

A legionnaire reports to the Centurion that the direction of the wind has changed. This could have serious repercussions for the men in the Fort. He decides he needs to move Wilf  some distance from the Fort to avoid his men becoming incapacitated by the aroma of his feet.


The Centurion weighs the risk 3.9 The Watchtower at Seaton Sluice 3.10

Wilf and the new recruit are ordered to the harbour Watchtower. It seems the new recruit is impervious to the smell from Wilf's feet, which is just as well as Wilf gets lonely. The Romans are well known for bathing, and while they would very much like to encourage their Auxiliary troops to adopt a similar habit, in the case of Wilf everyone is under strict orders not to let him wash or bathe.

Wilf on watch tower duty 3.11 Wilfs companion noticees s the flies 3.12

Although the whole camp is aware that Wilf is usually accompanied by his own group of Flies no one dares mention the subject for risk of offending their saviour. However it is  beginning to dawn on Wilf that he is always on guard duty in one Tower or another and that everyone else seems to have a valid excuse for avoiding this particular task. Perhaps he should have a word with the Commander.


Rumours of anew Pix weapon spread 3.12


It doesn't take long before the rumour mill starts circulating news of a new Scots  weapon.  But the real question is, can the rumour be true or is a ploy to deceive the garrison?  You will have to wait for the next episode for the answer.


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Made by Barrie Pearce for kids of all ages from 8 to 80.